NMS AC software allows you to build systems based on many distributed servers. They can be managed centrally from one or more supervisory centers. It is an ideal solution for commercial and banking networks or facilities with a nationwide or even global reach.


Time & Attendance

This function allows to register Entry / Exit, define work schedules and generate reports settling the working time of employees. T&A correction option allows you to add missing registrations and Entry / Exit during work. The attendance list of employees at a given moment is also very useful.



Global zones allow to control the movement of people and vehicles in access-controlled areas with this functionality. This allows you to quickly locate individuals or groups in individual zones, manage lists, and set a limit of people in zones. This information is visualized on panels. Global anti-passback and global interlock will appear in future updates.


Integration with NOVUS VSS devices

The NMS AC access control System has the ability to integrate with NOVUS cameras and DVRs. Video streams can be preview live on the panels, so NMS AC can also perform part of the VSS functions. Linking an image from the NOVUS devices to the access control system's elements and events enables, for example, the implementation Video-verification of access to doors. In addition, devices using the ONVIF and RTSP protocols of other manufacturers can be connected to the NMS AC system.



The video playback function in the NMS AC software allows you to view the archived event recordings from the recorders. It also enables video-verification of previously triggered alarms from the access control system.



NMS AC system supports Biometric Identification, which is one of the most secure and advanced methods in access control systems. The system provides full integration with controllers based on fingerprint pattern recognition or facial geometry. A fingerprint or face pattern is assigned in the user definition window of NMS AC, common to all identifiers - card, access code, QR-code.

Multiple workstation software

The client-server structure of the NMS AC access control system allows it to be handled from several operator stations simultaneously. With concurrent operation on one station, you can visualize the state of the system on the operator panels, and at the same time add new users or change the system configuration in other workstations. Possibility to configure the access control system can be ensured at the same time for the reception, security operator, human resources department, system administrator, etc. Workspace of the system and the possibility of making changes can be limited individually for each operator of the NMS AC system.

System visualization on panels

The panels function in NMS AC application allows intuitive observation of building. The Operator can switch between different layers of graphical interface, on which interactive icons of elements of the access control system are applied (controllers, doors, control outputs, etc.). It is a convenient solution that allows you to easily control the object by selecting the appropriate panel and perform operations on specific elements of the system. In addition, a stack of current events can be placed on the panel with filtered preview of events occurring on the object, e.g. access events, alarm instances, etc.

Defined scenarios

In a simple and quick way, you can create extensive scenarios for the various events in the system, such as Alarms. You can select multiple items at once and assign them specific reactions. Alarm response reactions can be assigned to one, several or all operator stations. Automated scenarios improve operator performance. Scenarios can act on time schedules. Depending on your needs, you can create a number of different schedules related to the day of the week, time of day or specific events.

Access after confirmation by the operator

For additional security of the important passages, the door can only be opened after verification and confirmation by the operator. When the card is presented to the reader, the system generates a notification at the operator's workstation, which verifies the user's identity based on the image added to the system and grants access by clicking the corresponding button on the screen. If the operator does not see door directly, a video stream from an integrated NOVUS camera which is monitoring the controlled passage can be used to verify the identity of the user. Video-access verification. This functionality can be used e.g. In prisons.

Elevator access control

Thanks to the cooperation with KDH-KS2000-IP-ELV controllers, the NMS AC system can control user access to individual elevator floors. This ensures a higher level of security for multi-storey buildings. Once the user is identified by a reader mounted in the elevator cab, the system allows selection of individual floors to which the user has been assigned access during the granting of the privileges. You can easily add previously created groups of stories to access levels, which significantly reduces the time to assign access permissions. In the NMS AC system it is possible to operate lifts up to 69 floors using appropriate expansion modules.



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