Elevator controller


The KDH-KS2000-IP-ELV elevator controller is designed to work in access control systems under the NMS AC (version 3.00.XX) or KaDe  Premium Plus II supervisory programs.

Elevator controllers, like the standard controller, consist of a module placed in a metal housing with a power supply. It should be mounted in the protected zone. The reader is installed in the elevator cabin. Readers can be in any identification technology provided they have a Wiegand interface.
The controller can operate up to 5 floors, up to 9 floors with one KDH-MOD2000-ELV extension module and up to 69 floors with 4 KDH-MOD2016-ELV extension modules.

The controller has a built-in IP port for communication with the management program and the RS485 port for communication only with the extension modules.

This controller is compatible with supervisor program NMS AC only 3.00.XX version.

Readers port quantity


Dimensions (mm)

174 x 40 x 20

Readers port type


Communication ports


Card buffer

20 000

Event buffer

50 000



Supply power

12 VDC

LED and buzzer output


Extension port

1 x 4 relays module

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