Supervisory software


NMS ADVANCED CONTROL is a new software designed to physical access control systems. It works with standard controllers KDH-KS3012-IP, KDH-KS3024-IP, KDH-KZ3000FP-IP, and KDH-KZ3000-IP. Thanks to the client-server type structure, it is possible to operate it from multiple workstations (2 stations under a free license, additional after purchasing expansion licenses).

The system is easy to install and has operator friendly graphical interface. In the current version, it is a software designed mainly to support access control systems, but it contains some elements of the visual surveillance system and an extensive states visualization of system elements.

The operator interface allows you to:

  • define system parameters (permissions for operators, licenses, copies)
  • configure physical parameters of system components (controllers, doors, readers)
  • define logical elements (schedules, access levels, tabs)
  • define scenarios that respond automatically to events in the system
  • monitor "on-line" the state of the system using system elements icons located on object maps (with hierarchical structure), on the synoptic array and through messages displayed on the event stack
  • view user photos after using the card
  • display images from cameras located in controlled door areas - automatically after an event or when you click on the icon
  • control access to floors through a reader located in the elevator cabin
  • control access to lockers in changing rooms - up to 69 with a single set of controller, modules and reader
  • generate filtered event reports (automatically or on demand) and write them in csv or html format (with print to pdf option)

NMS ADVANCED CONTROL also offers a number of features that often enable meeting system administrator’s requirements, such as: access after using 2, 3 or 4 cards, opening a controlled door using the so-called "first opening card" with special permissions, access after confirmation by the operator, interlock and anti-passback within the controller. The program will be gradually expanded with new features.

IP controllers communicate with the server service over Ethernet. In the current version of the software, the system can handle up to 128 controllers (8 under a free license, additional after purchasing expansion licenses), that is, for 4-door controllers - 512 one-side or 256 double-side controlled doors. The capacity for card users is 20,000 cards.

The basic license version is available free of charge from the website or can be obtained by contacting AC Department. Paid licenses extending system capacity can be found in the table below and in the price list.

Version V3 and V4 licenses  
License name Description
Operator station license 
NMS ADVANCED CONTROL KL11 additional operator station
Controllers licenses 
NMS ADVANCED CONTROL KT44 additional controllers
NMS ADVANCED CONTROL KT88 additional controllers
NMS ADVANCED CONTROL KT1616 additional controllers
NMS ADVANCED CONTROL KT3232 additional controllers
Panels licenses 
NMS ADVANCED CONTROL PN44 additional panels
NMS ADVANCED CONTROL PN88 additional panels
NMS ADVANCED CONTROL PN1616 additional panels
NMS ADVANCED CONTROL PN3232 additional panels
Scenarios licenses 
NMS ADVANCED CONTROL SC44 additional scenarios
NMS ADVANCED CONTROL SC88 additional scenarios
NMS ADVANCED CONTROL SC1616 additional scenarios
NMS ADVANCED CONTROL SC3232 additional scenarios
New licenses only for V4 
NVR, DVR, Novus cameras video channels licenses 
NMS ADVANCED CONTROL KN44 additional NOVUS video channels
NMS ADVANCED CONTROL KN88 additional NOVUS video channels
NMS ADVANCED CONTROL KN1616 additional NOVUS video channels
NMS ADVANCED CONTROL KN3232 additional NOVUS video channels
NMS ADVANCED CONTROL KN6464 additional NOVUS video channels
ONVIF video channels licenses  
NMS ADVANCED CONTROL KO44 additional ONVIF wideo channels
NMS ADVANCED CONTROL KO88 additional ONVIF wideo channels
RTSP video channels licenses 
NMS ADVANCED CONTROL KR44 additional RTSP video channels
NMS ADVANCED CONTROL KR88 additional RTSP video channels
License for zone visualization 
NMS ADVANCED CONTROL STGLicense for zone visualization
RCP license 
NMS ADVANCED CONTROL RCPLicense for RCP functionality
License for multi server 
NMS ADVANCED CONTROL SRVLicense for multi server
User photo display


Access after confirmation by the operator


Door unlock by schedule after read valid card


Operating system

Windows Windows 10


2 (10 max)

System operators

without limit


KDH-KS3012-IP, KDH-KS3024-IP, KDH-KZ3000FP-IP-U, KDH-KZ3000-IP-M, KDH-KZ3000-IP-U, KDH-KZ3000FP-IP-M



Cards format

26-40 bit Wiegand

Cards type

any technology compatible with the reader

Access level


User identification mode

card, pin, card or pin, card and pin



Latch mode


Elevator control


Graphic maps with icons


Import /export database


On-line monitoring


CCTV integration


Multi-card access


Discrete alarm PIN code


alarm reset

automatic or manually

File name Description  

Only for logged in users

Installation manual

10.69 MB

Only for logged in users

Installation manual

15.62 MB

Only for logged in users

Installation manual

16.65 MB


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