The buffer power supply


The buffer power supply is intended for the uninterrupted supply of demanding devices stabilized voltage of 12V DC (+/- 15%). The PSU supplies voltage U = 13.8V DC with current efficiency I = 4.5A + 0.5A battery charging  for KT-1-PCB controller (1 door) and for KDH-KS2012 / 24-IP / RS controllers.  In the event of a power failure, it is instantaneous switching to battery operation. With high energy efficiency and placed in a metal casing (RAL 9003 color) with place for 7Ah / 12V battery. The housing is equipped with a microswitch signaling the opening of the door (front). During normal operation, the sum of the currents consumed by the receivers may not exceed I = 4.5A *. The maximum battery charging current is 0.5A *. Total current of receivers + battery is max. 5A

Napięcie zasilania

176V-264 V AC

Power consumption

0.72A@230V AC max.

Output Votage

9.5V-13.8V DC

Output current

4.5A + 0.5A battery charging

Battery protection



324 x 307 x 99 mm

Dedicated battery

7 Ah



Working temperature


Technical outputs

EPS - AC power failure, PSU - no DC voltage, LoB - low battery voltage

Designed for

KDH-KS2012-IP, KDH-KS2024-IP, KDH-KS3012-IP, KDH-KS3024-IP, KDH-KS-2000-IP-ELV, KDH-MOD2016-ELV

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